Your family deserves the best

We always believe in putting family first. Especially, their health and wellness. We know you do too. Which is why, Supercare will be the perfect health destination for you and your loved ones. We are one of the leading pharmacy-steered healthcare & lifestyle retailer brand with a pan UAE presence with over 40 years of experience. Today, we have grown to become a world-class medical institution representing international Pharma, Nutrition, Fitness, and Lifestyle brands. With a rapidly growing customer base of 6,000 per day; we employee 400 employees extremely qualified experts from diverse culture and languages. We've made sure Supercare is accessible to everyone. You can find our pharmacies in all major areas in UAE, from leading shopping malls to elite residential areas.

The Supercare Advantage

  • All our Information kiosks are easily accessible and are

    built with aesthetically designed interiors.

  • We have highly qualified staff

    who have been trained to communicate in several languages.

  • At Supercare, we provide specialized prescription services.

    This means, we don't miss out on any details

  • We have an exclusive dermo-cosmeceutical skin care service

    where beauty advisors use a skin analyzer to provide the best suited care for you..

  • We also have a special alternative medicine section

    where you can find Ayurveda and Homeopathy medicines, Aromatherapy, Herbal Supplements, and Sports Nutrition.

  • You can find a diverse range

    of health care, diet and lifestyle products at all Supercare pharmacies.

  • We have a dedicated section for

    diabetes and weight management.

  • You can visit Supercare anytime.

    We're open 24/7 at our major locations.

  • Our Vision for the future

    We started Supercare with an aim to become the primary choice for customers when it comes to healthcare and beauty products. This aim drove us to become a dominant player in the industry. And we're not even close to stopping. The future of Supercare is filled with limitless possibilities. We're planning to expand outside UAE and make our brand accessible to more countries. Our brand in other countries will include all our products from pharmaceuticals, skin care, beauty products to personal care, baby care, sports nutrition and medical devices. While we're chasing our dreams, we promise to continue serving you, our existing customers with the same commitment and dedication that we've had for the last 35 years.

    The GMG Connection

    Gulf Marketing Group is one of Middle East's leading family owned companies. The Baker family started the group in 1978 and since then the brand has built a diverse portfolio of brands ranging from healthcare and pharmaceuticals, sports and fitness, real estate, education and technology.

    Supercare is one of the group's major healthcare brand that holds a prominent position in the Retail Healthcare industry in UAE. The trust and the reputation that these two brands hold is UAE is immeasurable.